Dealing With Diseased Trees In Your Yard? What To Know

If you noticed the trees on your property are starting to discolor or have signs of infestation, you may have trees that are victim to disease. It's important to find out what's going on with the trees so you know if the other trees in your yard are at risk, and to remove the dead trees before something dangerous occurs.

You want a tree services professional who is familiar with the local issues to help you make the decision on whether to keep the diseased trees, or how to care for them, and you must get expert help for removal. Here are a couple of important things to consider before you take any action on your own.

Have all the Trees Assessed

Have an arborist come and assess all the trees and the damages to see if the diseases can be treated, and if the trees can be saved. Treatments may be available to treat the trees that only have a few spots or areas of concern. If not, have the arborist tell you what trees in the yard without obvious markings may be affected and how they should be treated.

Get a Removal Estimate  

Don't attempt to remove the trees on your own. This is incredibly dangerous, and even the professionals can have accidents. If the tree falls the wrong way it could end up destroying property or landing on someone, and the accidents could be fatal. Instead, get a tree service to come to the property and give an estimate. Taking the tree down, removing all the branches, the trunk and the debris, and extracting the stump should all be part of the estimate.

If debris removal isn't in the estimate, you would have to gather it all on your own to haul all of the debris away in your own vehicle which can be inconvenient. The infected tree components need to be hauled far away where they can't contaminate other trees.

You should let your neighbors know if you're having these issues with your trees, since it can be a problem that spreads throughout the area quickly. They may also have trees that are suffering from disease and need to be taken down. If a tree falls in strong winds or another incidence and does damage to the power lines, houses, vehicle or people, and it was originally on your property, you are liable for all the damages and problems.